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Month: August 2016

orientation week [rebel lab report]

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orientation: check. grad school: here i come.


tomorrow [monday] is my first official day of grad school!  i plan to keep a regular account here of the events & progress throughout this process.  i want to have a record of my experiences in grad school, to be able to look back & remember the details of this whole journey, how i felt, what i thought, all of that. i also want to connect with others who have already gone through it/are going through it now, & perhaps can offer advice drawing from their own experience.  or, maybe they can just commiserate with me when things are tough & celebrate the wins when things are going my way.

with that in mind.. orientation week is officially OVER & there is no time to turn back now 🙂


mesquite smoked shredded chuck roast [high heat experiment]

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how to smoke a chuck roast in less than 4 hours for some sexy shredded beef

in the past, i have had success using the high heat method for smoking brisket. after i made that discovery, i pretty much decided i would never spend 12+ hours smoking a brisket again. so, when i wanted to smoke a chuck roast today for shredded beef, i arrived at the brilliant idea to apply the same technique here. now, to be fair, traditional smoked chuck roast does not take as long as a brisket, but.. still. so with that in mind, i smoked a chuck roast for some delicious shredded beef.