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grilled camarones adobados: mexican marinated shrimp

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well, me & my buddy rick bayless are at it again, this time with camarones adobados..

ancho chiles + garlic = always amazing.

this week: [grilled camarones adobados: mexican marinated shrimp]

adapted from: authentic mexican by rick bayless

here in america, anything we order with the term en adobo or adobado is usually some variation of a red chile sauce/marinade, so most of us have come to associate it with that & take those dishes as the definition of adobo. however, as i learned, those terms are just the general words for marinade/marinated, not for a specific recipe.  who knew?

i have never made a traditional mexican adobo recipe before, so i did not know what exactly to expect. rick gives a basic recipe for a red chile adobo, similar to what we might expect- dried red chiles, garlic, & a whole bunch of spices.  i used it not so much as a recipe, but as the 3 basic parts of the template;  using that knowledge, i filled them in as i chose, experimenting with the types of chiles, amount of garlic, types of spices, etc.